I.E.S Abula. Vilches (Jaén)

Students of the Master’s Degree in Research and Teaching in Physical Activity and Health Sciences of the University of Jaén went to the Institute of the Villen locality of Jiennense to make an assessment of the physical condition of the students as well as various activities to combat the sedentary school and enhance cognitive capacity … Read more

Pedro Poveda School. Jaén

Pedro Poveda School opened its doors to work together with their Physical Education Teacher, Rafael Casuso, to proceed with the evaluation of the physical condition of the students as well as the completion of various questionnaires and workshops in which they were shown the benefits of being physically active for your health and academic results.

School with Science. University of Jaen

Members of the AFAES group (Alberto Ruiz-Ariza, Sara Suárez-Manzano and Sebastián López-Serrano) teach these days in the classrooms of Linares and Martos Schools Workshops and Science Outreach Activities for Pre-school and Primary Education. In this way, they bring to the smallest knowledge and healthy habits that will help them to improve their Health and become … Read more