Members of the group AFAES visit the Faculty of Sciences Education of the University of Helsinki (Finland)

The members of the Group AFAES, Alberto Ruiz-Ariza and Sebastián Lopez-Serrano, have realized diverse stays of investigation during the last months, in the prestigious Faculty of Education of the University of Helsinki (Finland). During the same ones, they could have learned of relating teachers in Sciences of the Education, as Jari lavonen, Kristiina Kumpulainen, Juha Valtonen or Minna Huotilainen, between other investigators and high-level teachers. As well as to visit centers of educational investigation of international reference like the ” Playful Learning Center ” or Centers of education – learning of infantile, primary or secondary. Undoubtedly, a very wealth-producing experience for our investigators, where they could have steeped of the emergent active methodologies of education or of the Scandinavian model of investigation.

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