The Group AFAES raises with the Prize VIII University of Jaen to the Scientific Spreading

¡Let us be proud!

The activities of spreading and transfer to the company realized by the Group AFAES, have led to our Group to obtaining a nice recognition across the ” First Prize ” to the scientific spreading of the University of Jaen (2017), which was delivered by the Rector of the University on Friday, 29th of September, 2018, during the course of the Show of ” The European Night of the Investigators 2018 “. The jury has valued the numerous activities of scientific spreading that the investigators Emilio J. Martínez Lopez, Manuel J. De La Torre Cruz, Alberto Ruiz Ariza, Sara Suárez Manzano and Sebastián Lopez Serrano, of the Faculty of Humanities and Sciences of the Education of the UJA, they have realized during the year 2017, as well as in general his implication with the company, and more precisely with the student body of Primary and Secondary Education.

We are grateful for his consideration to the jury, and also we give the congratulation to the rest of companions participants, undoubtedly, we think that the initiatives of spreading and transfer towards the company of the scientific realized investigations, should be one of the fundamental axes of any University.

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